Who Discovered Vaccines and How?

16 Temmuz 2022 - 11:58 'de eklendi ve kez görüntülendi.

Every answer given here is wrong and only partially shows how black history is snatched up, sipped and regurgitated as white history until someone white chooses not to be a coward and a credit seeker and chooses to be himself instead for the destruction decides the lies with the truth.

The practice of vaccination began with a black slave named Onesimus, who brought the practice to America from Africa as a slave. To read a TRUE part of the story behind this amazing story, just google “How a slave named Onesimus saved Boston from smallpox.” The only thing you will notice is how the actions of Onesimus are like every other so-called discovery by one Idiots preceded England or anywhere else by years. In short, here is a summary from wiki: Onesimus was an African instrumental in mitigating the effects of a smallpox outbreak in Boston, Massachusetts. His birth name is unknown. He was enslaved and given to the Puritan minister of New England, Cotton Mather, in 1706, who renamed him. Onesimus introduced Mather to the principle and procedure of vaccination to prevent the disease, which laid the foundation for vaccine development. After a smallpox outbreak began in Boston in 1721, Mather used this knowledge to advocate for vaccinating the population, a practice that eventually spread to other colonies. In a 2016 Boston Magazine poll, Onesimus was named one of the “best Bostonians of all time.”

As you can see, as with many other so-called other discoveries attributed by others to the white race, the truth is that the white people would have been extinct were it not for the past historical kindness of blacks, Native Americans (scurvy) , and Mexicans (penicillin), Chinese (tons of stuff), etc. But let me tell you, everything was a white thing… including the biggest lie of all: that Jesus was white.