Read the following passage from My Father Writes to My Mother. So, my father had

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Read the following passage from My Father Writes to My Mother.

So my father had “written” to my mother. When she visited her family
mentions this postcard, in the simplest of words and tones, as being
secure. She was about to describe her husband’s four or five day absence from the police force
village and explained the practical problems that had arisen from this: My father had to order
the supplies just before he left so the shopkeepers could deliver them to everyone
Morning; She would explain how difficult it was for a city woman to be isolated
in a village with very young children and cut off that way… But the other women
she had interrupted and exclaimed in the face of this new reality, this almost unbelievable reality
“He wrote you, you?”
“He wrote his wife’s name and the postman read it? Too bad!…”
“He could have at least addressed the card to his son, for the sake of principle,
even if his son is only seven or eight!”
My mother didn’t answer. She was probably pleased, even flattered, but she said
A sad and lonely one
B pleased but upset
C ashamed and regretted
D embarrassed and yet proud

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  • Read the following passage from Tokyo

    From an overflowing gutter above the window, the water gushed out in a steady stream into the yard. It sounded like a waterfall in a distant mountain village.

    Tsuruishi pulled out a handkerchief and started wiping Ryo’s wet hair. A feeling of happiness flowed through her as she looked up at him. It was as if the rain had started to wash away all the loneliness that had accumulated in her year after year.

    She went to see if they could get something to eat and met a maid dressed in Western clothes in the corridor carrying a tray of tea. After Ryo ordered two bowls of spaghetti, she and Tsuruishi sat down to drink their tea, facing each other across an empty brazier. Later, Tsuruishi came and sat on the floor next to Ryo. They leaned their backs against the wall and looked out at the darkening, rainy sky.

    Which of the following statements best describes the mood created by the situation and setting?
    A. flirtatious
    B. loving
    C. Passionate
    D. friendly

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  • Read the following passage from The Swimming Contest

    I stretched out my arms and looked across the pool and back again. I closed my eyes and waited to hear my mother’s voice urging me.” “Don’t be afraid! Swim fast!” But instead I heard Abdul-Karim say, “You beat me in America, but I beat you here in the pool.”

    Which of the following statements most closely reveals the narrator’s memories to the reader?

    a.. the narrator wishes his mother were still alive
    b. the narrator realizes that abdul-karim is really his friend
    c. The narrator desires a rematch with Abdul-Karim
    i.e. The narrator finally understands the true nature of the conflict

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