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Just as the food was being cooked

Just as the food was being cooked
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Read the following passage from From Emperor to Citizen:
Just as food was cooked in colossal amounts but not eaten, so was a colossal amount of l
Clothes made that were never worn. I can’t remember much now, but I do know that while the Dowager and the High Consorts had fixed annual allotments,
there were no limits for the emperor, for whom clothes were constantly being made
during the whole year. I don’t know what exactly was made but everything I wore
was always new. I have a report from an unspecified year entitled “List of Materials Actually Used in the Manufacture of Garments for His Majesty’s Use From the Sixth Day of the Eleventh Month.” According to this list, the following items of clothing were made for me that month: eleven fur jackets, six fur inner and outer dresses, two fur waistcoats, and thirty padded waistcoats and trousers. Aside from the main cost of materials and labor, the bill for such little things as edging, pockets, buttons, and thread came to 2,137,6335 silver dollars.

My changes of clothes were all regulated and a responsibility
the eunuchs of the closets. Even my everyday clothes came in
twenty-eight different styles, starting with the black and white inlaid fur that I started
I wore the black one I switched to on the nineteenth of the first lunar month
the first day of the eleventh month. Needless to say, my clothes were a lot more
complicated at festivals and ceremonial occasions.

After reading these paragraphs, the reader can most likely determine that the speaker
1. Enjoys the wide range of clothing to choose from.
2. Takes pride in the cost of the clothes he wears.
3. Views their wardrobe as a waste of time and resources.
4. Appreciates all the work that goes into overseeing his royal attire.

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