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Does anyone happen to know all the answers to the 10b final exam? Please I really could

Does anyone happen to know all the answers to the 10b final exam? Please I really could
Bu haber 16 Temmuz 2022 - 10:33 'de eklendi ve kez görüntülendi.

  • Wait I’ll take the test and get the answers

  • Thanks Varis

  • 1) does not often have the opportunity for unrestrained playtime
    2) The family finds their grandmother’s bath visits a worrying inconvenience
    3) “So he set to work. The earth must be made into a new Eden”
    4) Telling the truth comes at a price
    5) embarrassed yet proud
    6) formal
    7) blunt
    8) love
    9) Premonition
    10) Samia has an obedient nature and has been well trained to fulfill her role
    11) Traditional baths help women feel valued and honored
    12) “On their wedding night, as he slipped a diamond bracelet around her wrist, he had reminded her that she was marrying someone with a brilliant career ahead of him and that one of the most important things in his life was the opinion of others, especially those of his peers and elders “
    13) Bashir is not actually related to the man
    14) She experienced a feeling of love at first sight
    15) You just have to wait to see the movie
    16) Pathos
    17) be
    18) We had to move heaven and earth to get the job done
    19) Dogs should not eat chocolate because it is toxic to them
    20) Children tend to mimic bad behavior from their favorite TV characters
    21) more
    22) Everyone
    23) her
    24) illogical comparison
    25) Exclamation mark
    26) “She reported that she [Sonia Sotomayor’s] Supreme Court nomination was a first for Latina women”
    27) hers
    28) There are still many positions to be filled
    29) torn
    30) George Washington was born on February 22, 1732
    31) downcast
    32) goal
    33) inherited
    34) undeniably
    35) Neglect
    36) Discomfort
    37) enchanted
    38) rejected
    39) hostility
    40) attacked
    41-56 are all typed, so I can’t really tell if that’s right or wrong. Hope these helped!

  • Vairs, this is not the test I have. I know you put a lot of work into this and I really appreciate it, but my test has 1-54 questions and none of them need to be answered in any way. It is an English 10b closed book end of semester test.

  • If anyone has the answers tomorrow before 12 I’ll be very grateful.

  • I’m taking the test rn I’ll be in a few lyk I’m pretty sure we have the same test

  • Thank you ah, it will be greatly appreciated.

  • For those of you who are taking the 2b semester exam in Unit 7, Lesson 2, English for Connexus and have 55 questions, here are the answers for 1-53 (54 and 55 are short answer questions).

    1. She fell in love with him
    2. a mixture of embarrassment and pride
    3. Patronage
    4. black humor
    5. the Arab-Israeli conflict
    6. Daughter-in-law
    7th war
    8. despises and loves
    9. the clash of modernization and traditional life
    10. There is a price to pay for telling the truth
    11. reserved and sincere
    12. love and appreciate their family
    13. The corrupt acts that follow in the story
    14. Consequences of War
    15. A Vietnamese who fled Hanoi and joined the army in the south
    16. have you handed in your english newspaper yet?
    17. be
    18. both
    19. anyone
    20. do allie and edwin want to submit their poems?
    21st richest
    22. double negative
    23. more
    24. Exclamation mark
    25. She wants to buy movies and chewing gum
    26. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732
    27. Ice hockey is played on an ice rink; but field hockey is played outdoors
    28. The reporter noted that she [sonia sotomayor’s]The Supreme Court nomination was a first for Latina women
    29. her
    30. downcast
    31st goal
    32. inherited
    33. undeniable
    34. Neglect
    35. Discomfort
    36. charmed
    37. rejected
    38. Hostility
    39th attacked

    40. Characterization: E – Understanding people through their words, thoughts and actions
    41. Setting: A – where a story takes place
    42. Satire: C – making fun of human folly
    43. deus ex machina: B – the use of an inexplicable event to resolve a story
    44. Etymology: D – the study of word origins

    45. Euphemism: B – a polite way of expressing an unpleasant truth
    46. ​​​​Thesis: E – the point that an author is trying to prove
    47. Mood: C – the emotion a reader takes away from a story
    48. Exaggeration: D – Exaggeration of effect
    49. Pathos: A – persuasive appeal to the emotions

    50. Dialect: B – a regional way of speaking
    51. Flashback: A – the description of an event that took place in the past
    52. Parable: D – a comparison of two things with “like” or “as”
    53. Premonition: C – Elements of a story that hint at the end
    100% 53/53

  • Florence is 100% ✓

  • Florence is right!!!!!

  • I have it on usatestprep and I only have 49 questions which are all different, does anyone have these

  • Does anyone have the 16 point writing question? number 56?

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