Why the Average Salary in the USA is so Low

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Why the Average Salary in the USA is so Low

Why the Average Salary in the USA is so Low

Why the Average Salary in the USA is so Low

Average salary in usa, how much do you make per year? Maybe $80,000? Maybe $10,000? Either way, you’re likely to be making less than the average American worker, who earns around $41 per hour or $80,000 per year – yes, even if you’re making $100,000 per year and you live in New York City or San Francisco! Why does the average income in the United States seem so low? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why our salaries are so low compared to workers in other parts of the world.

Average salary in usa don’t Forget About Opportunity Cost

The average salary in usa may be a lot of money, but it can’t necessarily tell you much about income mobility. That’s because when we talk about average salary, we assume everyone started at that salary. But what happens if someone started at $50k, but has a lot of room to grow? They might have higher than average salary after five years. Unfortunately for Americans, there’s another factor—opportunity cost—that also makes income mobility difficult. Opportunity cost refers to lost wages from choosing one career over another or from moving between careers. In this case, it means the potential wage difference between an alternative job and your current one. Say you are currently earning $100,000 per year as a business consultant and want to switch to finance; let’s say the average salary in usa for this type of work is $200,000 per year. If you were willing to make less money as a business consultant (say $85,000) instead of taking the finance job ($200,000), then opportunity cost would be $115,000 per year.

Average salary in usa the High Demand Affects Salaries

One reason why average salaries in usa are low, compared to other developed countries, is because there’s a high demand for technology workers. Technology analyst positions require advanced knowledge of computer programming and network security issues that can only be acquired by many years of hard work. Job applicants with such knowledge will find it very easy to get higher paying jobs with large companies like Facebook and Google.

Average salary in usa different Industries Pay Differently

If you’re currently working in technology but looking to change your industry, it might be helpful to know that different industries pay differently for technology analysts. For example, information security analysts can expect an average salary of $93,000 per year. Computer systems and networks analysts earn $90,000 per year on average. Data analysts make about $81,000 per year. Network architects are paid an average of $107,000 per year. Project managers receive about $94,500 per year on average. Software developers are also paid well with an average salary of $102,750 annually.

Average salary experience Makes a Difference

An average salary in usa is not particularly high, especially when you consider how expensive things are across America. However, it’s important to recognize that your experience level can make a big difference—so don’t be afraid to negotiate a higher wage if you have some relevant experience. If you’re just starting out, then the average salary in usa might not seem all that attractive; but remember, there’s plenty of room for growth as you gain more experience.

Job Roles Affect Salaries

The average salary for a Technology Analyst varies by experience, location, and job role. As of 2014, for example, Information Security Analysts working as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) can earn an average of $99k annually. Those with 5+ years of experience in hardware engineering can make upwards of $100k per year. Network engineers with 10+ years experience have been reported to earn average salaries up to $130k per year.
A computer scientist earns on average an annual salary of about $115,000 or about 45 hours weekly at 30 hrs/week. In the United States alone, approximately 1 million people are employed as Software Developers and Systems Analysts at an average yearly wage of $80,998 per year or about 41 hours weekly at 30 hrs/week. The average technology analyst average salary in the USA is $80,998 per year or $41.54 per hour.

Average salary in usa – Location Matters

The state average wage across all industries can fluctuate by more than $100,000 from state to state. For example, information security analysts earn an average salary of $82,375 per year in Florida but only $47,400 per year in Iowa. Both states pay far below our national average for information security analysts, which stands at $87,330 per year (or $43.41 per hour). So where you live and work makes a big difference! Check out the average salaries in your area on the map below: There are some significant variations between the top average salaries in the country and those that are paid in certain regions. If you want to know what people with your job make nationally, take a look at this map . The data comes from Glassdoor’s latest research report Tech Salaries Around the World which provides insights into international tech salaries around the world.
As we see, salaries vary quite a bit both globally and domestically. Knowing what people who do your job make can help you negotiate your next raise or understand why a company might not be interested in hiring you as they could be paying less than average salary in usa for that position or vice versa.

Average salary in usa being an Independent Contractor Can be More Rewarding

One of biggest reasons why people assume that their average salary in usa must be low is because they’re comparing it to a traditional job—an hourly or salaried position that comes with certain benefits and work-related expenses. If you’re an independent contractor (i.e., freelancer), then, you have to account for all of those costs on your own. Since most of them aren’t tax-deductible, however, one major way to increase your income as an independent worker may just be by taking more home—and taxes are definitely something we can help with. We don’t charge extra if you make more money; we keep our fee standard no matter how much your monthly income is! Sound too good to be true? Just read this review from another happy client: It was really easy and convenient working with H&R Block Live Tax Experts. I had a lot of questions about my taxes which took me forever to figure out myself, but through their customer service team I was able to speak with someone who was able to answer my questions without hesitation. It was amazing being able to get advice from a person who could actually give me answers instead of hours reading blogs or doing math equations. The average technology analyst average salary in the USA is $80,998 per year or $41.54 per hour, which may not seem like much but when compared to other countries it actually ranks among the highest in the world according to Glassdoor Reviews.