Are salamanders lizards? – Answers

16 Temmuz 2022 - 11:34 'de eklendi ve kez görüntülendi.

nope, salamander are not lizards – surprisingly, they are not even reptiles. They’re amphibians.

It’s understandable to mistake the slender, long-tailed, small-legged creatures for lizards, but they’re actually more closely related to frogs. Check them out – you can kinda see it! Like frogs and other amphibians, baby salamanders have gills and live in water before migrating to wet land as adults. That’s because their adult skin absorbs but also loses water, requiring constant replenishment.

Lizards (and all reptiles) don’t need to live on wet land. While some are comfortable in the water, they can never breathe it, and their scaly skin prevents water loss.