Agriculture, industry and water resources quiz Which account is responsible for the highest water

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What is an example of using industrial water?(1 point)

Water for refining oil*
water for toilet flushing
Water used to irrigate farms
water for bathing
Which of the following facilities uses the most water per day?(1 point)

self-sufficient industry*
thermoelectric power
public utility

Well, you’ve been incredibly unhelpful. Here for connexus:

1) Drag each item to indicate whether it is a cause or an effect of the increase in nutrients in the water supply
Cause: Animal waste appears in water supply & fertilizer is applied
Effect: Algal bloom occurs & water is unsuitable for aquatic life

2) Which of the following is an example of industrial water use?
water for refining oil

3) What is the most common source of agricultural water pollution?

4) Drag each farming practice to indicate whether it affects the quality or quantity of the water. Each item can be used more than once
Quality: Pesticides, irrigation and grazing
Quantity: irrigation

5) Is each term a cause or an effect of water pollution? Drag each term into the appropriate category
Cause: Liquid waste from smelting enters water supplies and water used as a coolant in power plants
Impact: Increased contamination levels such as chromium and lead and decreased dissolved oxygen levels

6) Which account results in the highest water withdrawals in the United States?
thermoelectric energy

7) What is an impact of improper livestock management and improper irrigation?
Excessive amounts of nutrients in the water supply

8) Drag each item to indicate if it is a positive or negative impact of dams
Positive: Energy production, water storage and water control
Cons: High salt concentrations, deepening of the riverbed and trapping of nutrients from the river

9) Which of the following facilities uses the most water per day?
thermoelectric energy